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Nine Star KI Astrology Vojko J Kalan - Life coach

This year is fabulous for you. You alredy feel it. But this is only true, when you are allways tidy and timely.

Opportunities are waiting for you you elsewhere. You only have to pick them up and make them happen. But don’t be so romantic to think, that this will be all your life. No. For now this energy influences you until 4th of February 2018. Be smart and use it.

How? It is easy. Do everything, what is important for you in the path to your goals and avoid everything, what does not help you to reach those goals. In this manner you will have enough of time and energy to accomplish more than you can think today.

At the same time be careful. As you cannot hide anything. So your actions will be successful only, when you don’t do things, which are allowed. You will be stopped at any illegal actions. Even when you will drive a little too fast, you will be noticed.

Take care also to avoid fire and hot surfaces. Also be carefull with exposing yourself to the Sun. Take care for your eyes all the time.

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Your 2017 Forecast


You cannot even dream how fantastic year this is for you, when you are willing to read the forecast on the left for a few times and then observe and live your life actively. In your way…

In year 2017 you have many, many opportunities to make a leap in many walks of your life. But remember: this year is for your experience. You will stay not so lucky next year.

In almost anything you do, you can be successful, until is fair toward people and society. You may be successful in any business. So you should start something profitable immediately.

Of course it still stand my statement about your free and business time: “Don’t spend your time, where you don’t have anything to do.”