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Year 2017 is very special and important time for you. This is the time of your Karma. And karma is showing you everything you do and you did well as it is showing you, what and where you could do better.

And it doesn’t help, when you don’t want to see the truth. Truth is here and you cannot change it. Anyhow, you can, you may and you should change the truth of tomorrow with necessary changes of your behaviour today.

So 2017 is for you the year of learning from this moment. And even when it can be painfull sometimes, it is great, as effects of your changed behaviour are visible immediatelly.

So open your eyes. Be aware of everything all the time. You have great power to enhance your life now. In all walks of your life. And be especially aware of your body. You should be in a good mood every time you are making importand decissions.

There are many other important things to say, but space and medium here doesn’t allow me, to tell you more than: Take care of your body and your mind first.

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Do you know what KARMA is? Yes. OK. This is not ony dynamic year with troubles. This is a great year to learn from life. This is great time to catch the best direction in your life.

You should stick to the road your jouney is already going. It is not a good time, to change it radically. But you may learn what you are doing good and what you should change in your life.

If you have really stuck in your life and you cannot move because of malfunctioning relationship or because of lausy job, you may make a change. But be smart and learn from it.

And when you are fired. Without job and monthly income, look for the solution at the bottom of the page for 9KI 2. You can also see this. You can also contact me personally to help you.