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Your life is starting. You feel, that you are on your track again. Yes. Year 2017 is the time for your new starts. And even when it is true, that you have make the first move, that you are the one, who has to be active, there is no need to hurry.

More important is, that you avoid all and any anger. Doesn’t matter if this is anger on the outside toward other people or hidden anger inside. Avoid of it for any cost.

And also don’t grab too big plans. Yes. It is great time to start, yet you have enough time for more bold actions - next year. As in year 2018 your life will start to flourish in all the colours.

Take care about your body. You should drink enough clear and clean water and avoid of greasy foods, alcohol beverages and too much coffee or any other energy drinks.

This is your great time to start new romantic relationship. Even with your existing partner, when you have one. And also is a great time to start bigger endeavors in your life. Maybe new business, new job, new house etc.

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Your 2017 Forecast


It is auspicious time for you to start a new love relationship. Just don’t hurry. You have plenty of time to go. Next year is the best. But you have to go to action, when you feel the person is right.

In 2017 is good time to start new business. Just you don’t have to jump. Just be focused to your goals. Definitelly you should plan and learn about your future, now.

In 2017 you should avoid any inside or outside anger. Time in pure nature will enhance your reasoning and will help your body to function properly. Drink at least 4 glasses of pure water daily.

In any case: don’t hurry. There is no need to. As you are so fast, that you can enjoy the profit of combining ideas from other people and then showing the best solution.