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You may have some strange feelings this year. This is the last year when you are in very inauspicious energy, when you are rarely understood among various people and even at home amongst your own family and friends.

This is great year to make major changes in your life philosophy - but only inside of yourself. As it is not the right time to advertise this changes to the world, you may apply some changes in the real world. Only make them happen in a planned way and in a slow pace.

Also take care about your health. The best way to do this is to create a healthy lifestyle. Enough sleep is cruccial. And even when you sleep enough, you has to have so time to rest. You should live in peace with all of your surrounding. It is great, that you have some slow exercise at least five days a week. And be sure, that you drink enough of clean and clear spring water every day, if not otherwise at least every time before your three main meals and before two small snacks.

And avoid a vicinity of big body’s of water. Sea, lakes, big rivers. Their energy will dissipate much of your body energy.

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Your 2017 Forecast


One year to go for your great and instantaneous success. Yes, next year can be also auspicious, anyhow, you will start on a new field and progress will not be so fast.

So 2017 is quite good for you to try your luck, but only, when you really want to help people. This is the only case, where you can have real success. And remember: You are also a human.

2017 is good to have slow and steady pace toward your goals, except in study and planning. This is the field, where you should give all your efforts, so you can start your new life in 2018.

And please have in mind: when you will hurry in a physical plane, energy will stop you. When you learn that this is true in everyday experiences, know, that it is true in a greater field. So slow down.