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Yes. You are moving forward again. But don’t hurry too much. This year the energy is not very good for speed and even les for fast changes in any way.

On the other hand 2017 is your last year, when you have great oportunities to get many great experiences for a very low cost. But don’t play with your life. Experiences are wellcome, but pehaps you don’t want to step in false direction.

So this is great year to learn from life - in real life, from real, live people. So don’t stick too much to your PC or phone. It is much better to invite your family and friends and go to the nature.

So wherever you are and whatever you do, do it smart and even when you do it smart, do it very, very slowly. In other case you will regrett your action. But then it will be too late.

This is true especially for the months of June, July, September and October. So it is well recommended, that you visit this page every month at least two times, to get the right information at the right time.

As if you will hurry too much this year, or if you will tend to chage the very direction of your life, you will have great difficulties and you can even stuck in your life.

Your 2017 Forecast

Red Metal 7


One year to go for your great and instantaneous success. Yes, next year can be also auspicious, anyhow, you will start on a new field and progress will not be so fast.

So 2017 is quite good for you to try your luck, but only, when you really want to help people. This is the only case, where you can have real success. And remember: You are also a human.

2017 is good to have slow and steady pace toward your goals, except in study and planning. This is the field, where you should give all your efforts, so you can start your new life in 2018.

And please have in mind: when you will hurry in a physical plane, energy will stop you. When you learn that this is true in everyday experiences, know, that it is true in a greater field. So slow down.