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How to say. It is a revolution. Revolution for you and inside you. Even, when it seems to you, that everything is happening outside, this is your life and mostly - only your life. Now you may understand, why literally nobody else understands you. And in reality - even you don’t understand all your thoughts, goals and deeds. Do you? Really?

So this can bring you into quite awkvard situations in your everyday life. So strange, so wicked, that sometimes even you cannot believe, that it is true, what is happening to you.

The best way to cope with all this situations is to be fully aware of yourself and everything, what is happening around you. Be mindfull, quiet and peacefull - on the outside and inside yourself. As anger is not only harming you. It can make your life literally a disaster in your physical world.

So don’t believe words, you can hear from the highest scientists. Every time, when it touches you, require exact answers from them. Exact and immediate.  

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Your 2017 Forecast


I know, I know. It is not the easiest time for you this year. Anyway whining doesn’t help you in any way. Switch off TV and any Internet news etc channels. Go for a walk to the nature.

It is not an easy task to recommend you annything really usefull at this time. But it doesn’t help, when you don’t feel it’s sincerity. The best what I can say to you: Be peacefull all the time.

Of course there will be better times for you, than they are now. As for private and intimate life as for business. Until then you could prepare yourself for success. You could start here.

As you know already, business is not the best for you this year. Nothing actually works great. But you can ‘work great’. Here is an opportunity, which will be good even in the years to come.