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If you believe, that these are troubled times for you, then you are in a great fallacy. This year is actualy great for you. The only truth is, that energy is really not verry supportive for you.

Anyhow, Whatever is goig on and whatever is coming, you are in a position, where people are prepared to help you, only when you are prepared to show them some dignity, and you are willing to help them on the way to their goals.

So accept some interaction with people, who are willing to help you, even when your trully don’t need help. - The very truth is, that they are the one’s who need help in this moment. Although - this help will be paid out to you multiple times - from unexpected sources.

And this is kind of good motivation this year, when you became a little lazy. And this is good. So you are more able to observe other people behavior. And as you observe others, you can see, hear and feel yourself. And this is the most important element, as it helps you to focus on your goals. These are on the reach of your hand… maybe they are even showing on this very page. Who knows?

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Your 2017 Forecast


If you think that this is not a good time, a great year for you, you are wrong. Yes. This is a fatastic year for you. But you are too lazy to accomplish your goals in a full scale. You should be more active.

There are many, many of those, who are willing to help you. And you are repelling them, as you see only yourself and you are not aware, that with accepting their help hand, you would help them!

And even more important: Whan you will accept the helping hands of these people. Later on you will comprehend the importance of this sentences: You will get the real help, which can rescue you.

And as 2017 is great time for simple and social networking. And you can be very successful in it, here is one opportunity. When you want another, please contact me to my e-mail or phone. Thank you.