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The time of earnings is here. Earnings from all walks of your life. And please understand: Not only from those parts of your life, where you have invested great efforts, but also from those, where you should invest some time, efforts and focus, but you didn’t.

So you are now in a special situation. Last year, your karma was showing you,  what needs to be done. Now all this is becoming a reality.

So, now you are harvesting the results of your past efforts. Good and inauspicious ones. Fortunately you have still time to enhance everything beneficial to you. And you have still time to correct some errors and lesser negative effects on your private life, your body and your business.

Anyhow, you should start to change your lifestyle as soon as possible. That is: NOW. Step by step and you will be surprised what great results you will have very soon, starting with February 2018.

So don’t hesitate. Start with action. Action is the real indicator of intelligence.

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Your 2017 Forecast


There is no other good solution for you now. You have to accomplish the work you wanted and earned. Oh yes. There are some actions you can do to make your life easier and more successful:

1. Delegate. Don’t try to do all the work by yourself. Engage those, who were helping you in the past few years. Pay them well. Thank them from your heart.

2. Give yourself more free time for: sleep, rest, family socializing, light recreation; drinking fresh water all the day long; have five meals over your day; avoid energy drinks and alcochol.

When you are willing to make your life better. When you decide to have your BYE - Best Year Ever, make yourself a favor. Go here: ID:V108240128, 3 letters: KAL
Enjoy. See you.